Workshop Services


We are able to take care of a wide range of mechanical services. This includes all your general maintenance and servicing needs. 

We ensure that only premium products are used on your vehicle. 

We can also take care of:

  • Pre Race Spanner checks
  • Warranty Servicing
  • WOF Repairs
  • Gearbox overhauls and upgrades


We have a dedicated engineering bay and staff that are skilled in fabrication.

So call us if you need:

  • An exhaust system fabricated
  • Induction and/or intercooler plumbing
  • Rollcage fabrication

Engine Building

In our engine building room we can look after your engine from a refreshes to mild upgrades to full on engine development.

We have the skills & team to get the most out your application and budget.

We are not limited by any make or model whether turbo charged or normally aspirated.


Electrical Services

From Basic wiring repairs and installations to custom mill spec engine looms.

Dtech Motorsport has the skills and tools to take care of your vehicles electrical needs.

  • Ecu installations
  • Dash and Data Logger installations
  • Engine transplant wiring

Diagnostic Services

 Dtech Motorsport staff specializes in diagnostic fault finding.

We utilize the latest DynaPack 4wd hub dyno to simulate driving conditions and use specialized diagnostic tools.

Contact us for more information